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Red seems to seethe when drenched in black
I can’t blend with anyone but you
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12th-Oct-2010 11:39 am - What I think about Grell
It is hard to describe Grell, at his core he could be considered extremely extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Due to his playful, high-spirited nature he often misapplies his many talents and becomes over- extended, scattered, and undisciplined much to William's dismay.

Grell constantly seeks new and exciting experiences. He is bold and vivacious, pursuing what he wants in life with a cheerful determination, almost too much. Grell is constantly reported to have problems with being impatient and impulsive; such as his decision to murder Madam Red. A few things that motivates Grell is his wanting to maintain his freedom and happiness, and to avoid missing out on worthwhile experience.Grell is extremely optimistic, exuberant and upbeat. He is endowed with abundant vitality and a desire to fully participate in his life each day. He is naturally cheerful and good humored, not often taking himself too seriously, or anything else for that matter.

Grell does not feel that he can find what he really wants in life. He therefore tends to try everything—and ultimately may even resort to anything as a substitute for what he is really looking for. As proof- the way that he flints between William, Sebastian, Madam Red, and Pluto. He tends to speed up his pursuit of whatever seems to offer him the most freedom and satisfaction. He also tends to make wrong choices, and he is less able to be satisfied because everything he experiences indirectly, through the dense filter of his fast-paced mental activity. He is unable to discriminate what he really needs,and he becomes hyperactive,and unable to say "no" to himself, throwing himself into constant activity. Such as his sudden interest in photography in the second seson of the show. He is uninhibited, and he does and say whatever comes to his mind: storytelling, flamboyant exaggerations, witty wise-cracking, and performing.
7th-Sep-2010 01:44 pm - Kill☆ in the Heaven
pose like a star
Hey Someday
Held in your arms The same dreams
We'll see
Floating in tea a red kiss and
A rose-colored secret

The day we meet This moment in eternity
With a red thread I'll spin us together

For you This feeling of love is
A scorching blood drop A painful breath
On the windowsill If a faint red
Thrill is decorated A bad feeling…

Hey Can you feel it?
Frolicking in the night sky Our two heartbeats
On the table a bouquet and lies and
A violent love song

A red roof In a little house we'll snuggle
And many mornings To welcome

With you Sweet enough to die for
A bittersweet morning Titillating
Crazy for you Wander into a maze
With burning tears Whisper to me…

『Aaah… In a chapel as white as cotton candy,
In a red wedding dress I'll walk with you…
The road, it's like we're in that blinding Heaven…
And then, the two of us will be entwined for all eternity…! 』

You are
So close yet so far
But this frustrating distance
I love it

Even if Everything is a dream
A blooming love Kill☆ in the Heaven
7th-Sep-2010 01:42 pm - Crimson
pose like a star
Floating image in the moonlit sky Temporary black memory
A humiliating distorted morning Start of an impure voyage

If an unrequited love At least
We can be intertwined in the after life
Thousands of these wishes
Just like a blood-thirsty beast

But even then I'm still a butler A chaotic deathly love tangle
Dye the earth red Curtain call And kick up the dirt
Cinematic Record The film of souls and memories
Strumming this bloody delusion Reaching out to you

A dream tonight Transient The whims of shinigami
Drawn by this sneering blade Within the moonlight

Old stories and red wine
Let me dedicate them to you, mouth-to-mouth
Dye this wish in blood
Blinding trap Almost paralyzing

But through all this I'm still a lady A decoration of a hundred flowers
Digging claws into the night sky Struck with red tears raining down
Cinematic analog Indecent noise and fiery haze
Drifting in a trance Hurting each other Drowning in you

But even then I'm still a butler A frenzied red butterfly
A red sigh in the void Shaking the curtain Blowing through
Cinematic Record A piercing cage of love
A moment of eternity In a crimson dream Burning in love for you
pose like a star
Normal= Grell
()= Sebastian
<>= Both

Red seems to seethe when drenched in black
I can’t blend with anyone but you
(Let’s not) and yet I fell in love
(It’s irritating) No, no it’s boring!
< This relationship, this relationship>
A stolen spark blooms in the darkness
< I want you to break, I want you to be upset>
Until this chaotic night ends

If not my dice, not a card, then roulette, who’s dead?
With a bold rouge and those crazy rules, spin! Black or red?
Bet! Don’t you be afraid (you can see this game eh?) no(t) yet!

< With this fingertip, with the tip of this tongue>
What’s inside you will be scooped up
< I want you to overflow, I want you to melt>
Until your icy breath turns into a hot flush
(If so then follow me to the bottom of the earth)

Tonight “love or die?” Red? (Black?) On the bed of a corpse that smells like fresh blood
(Falling down “how alive?”) Red? (Black? To get entangled in a rich tragedy)

I’m not satisfied, can you make me feel more steady (if it’s your wish)
Isn’t it what I’ve been saying all along (then)
< Just the two of us> ah! Let’s get rough
< The forbidden game>
(As if we would never meet again)
< Just the two of us> ah, that’s it, that feeling!
< The forbidden game>
(Let’s carve the end)

Tonight “love or die?” Red? (Black?) My fangs desire to dig in deeply
(Falling down, “how alive?”) Red? (Black? Poison will flow into your insolence)
Tonight “love or die?” Red? (Black?) On the bed of a corpse that smells like fresh blood
(Falling down “how alive?”) Red? (Black? To get entangled in a rich tragedy)

Front, back, man, woman, love, hate, red, black, me, you, is it possible for such an impure mix to come together?
(The black smears out the red)
14th-Aug-2009 01:27 am(no subject)
pose like a star

Please be honest.
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